New Leader MultiBin

Info about this Spreader

The New Leader® MultiBin Fertilizer & Micronutrient spreader increases efficiencies and reduces operation and maintenance costs by consistently broadcasting materials from three or four bins, independently or together, for straight and variable rate applications.

The MultiBin transforms a single L4000G4 hopper into three.  The front two hoppers dispense fertilizer products while the single/dual hopper at the rear dispenses micro-nutrients or seeding products.  The micro-nutrient hopper can also be split to create a fourth hopper.

The large capacities of each hopper section allow users to cover more acres and reduce fill time.  The rear bins are sloped forward to improve chassis weight distribution and a new material divider improves material placements on spinner for a more effective spread pattern.

Constructed of 304 stainless steel to prevent corrosion, the MultiBin features an optional micronutrient cover which opens and closes with a stainless steel air cylinder; low-bin sensors in each bin to know when to refill and simple installation and removal from the L4000G4 for fertilizer or lime spreading.

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