New Leader L3030G4

Info about this Spreader

Designed for flexibility and low maintenance, the New Leader® L3030G4 crop nutrient applicator is the ultimate fertilizer and lime spreader. Spread fertilizer rates as low as 50 lbs. to as high as 1,100 lbs. and still achieve effective spread patterns up to 90 feet. You can even spread up to 2 ton rates of ag lime at 12 mph with spread widths up to 60 feet.

What makes the L3030G4 so effective is its conveyor drive system. With a #5 moderate oil resistant belt, there is no conveyor chain or chain oiler so maintenance time and costs are greatly reduced. A 30 inch 3-ply belt gives you a smooth flow of product along with the strength and durability needed for high loads of fertilizer.

For additional efficiencies, the L3030G4 can provide multiple product applications in one pass. This design is ideal for variable rate application of single, dual and even three products. With the addition of the optional MultApplier, two products can be applied independently. Add the optional MicroBin and spread micronutrients or some seeds as a third product in one pass.

Key Dimensions and Capacities
cab to
(cu. ft.)
Struck Capacity
Lime / Fertilizer
11 ft 102 in 30 in 84 in 232 11 / 7.5
12 ft 102 in 255 12 / 8
13 ft *102-108 in 277 13 / 9
14 ft *120 in 300 14 / 10

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