Hi-Way® T6034

Info about this Spreader

The Hi-Way® T6034 Asphalt Transporter conveys more than 23 cubic yards of asphalt per minute, all from the convenience of the cab. The endgate is hydraulically controlled and provides a large 1,170 square inch opening. This unique “power door” ensures a smooth flow of materials, unlike typical live bottom machines that tend to push the materials through a gravity-held endgate and restrict flow. The conveyor speed is also controlled from within the cab allowing other workers to remain a safe distance away from hot asphalt and moving parts.

An optional internal metering gate delivers low rates of asphalt or aggregate for patch work and shoulder work. This internal gate easily latches for metering by engaging two pins. When disengaged, the internal gate fully opens along with the external rear endgate for unrestricted flow of material. The T6034 also features heavy-duty construction, a durable conveyor system and is easy to maintenance and service.

Key Dimensions and Capacities
Body Height Overall
(cu. yd.)
14 ft 102 in 72 in 180 in 12.5 4850 lbs
15 ft 192 in 13.4 5200 lbs
16 ft 204 in 14.4 5550 lbs
17 ft 216 in 15.3 5900 lbs
18 ft 228 in 16.3 6250 lbs
19 ft 240 in 17.2 6600 lbs
20 ft 252 in 18.2 6950 lbs
21 ft 264 in 19.1 7300 lbs

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